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Training Process

we all want better professional and personal relationships. Improving your questioning skills is a powerful way to build stronger, better relationships. That's why, according to Anthony Robbins, successful people ask better questions. Asking questions is a critical communication skill that most of us pay little attention to. It is the linchpin to building stronger relationships, both professionally and personally. Learn to understand others before making, and acting on, inaccurate judgments that end up making things worse rather than better.


Semibreve Technologies offers focused industry oriented training programs that cover the actual skill sets sought by employers. semibreve conducts training on behavioural skills for executives at different levels. Corporate programs offered by semibreve are designed with the objective of enhancing the effectiveness. Training aims to increase productivity and profitability of the organization by reducing cost, enhancing skill, knowledge & attitude of the employees. Training Programs can be customized as per the gaps identified in the organization.

The core competencies of the Semibreve are:

  • open, more trusting relationships
  • a deeper understanding of others and their perspectives
  • a way to stop judging and start listening
  • decisions based on information rather then assumption
  • reduced levels of tension and conflict

Key Benefits:

semibreve Management Provides a dynamic learning atmosphere that fosters communication and interaction among the inductees

  • To stop judging people and start listening to others.
  • Key questions types and their uses
  • Common question traps we fall into everyday
  • How to sequence questions to fully understand
  • What to listen for and why it is critical to success

Approach towards Training:

Explore the different types of questions and the impact they have on your conversations. Eliminate problem questions from your repertoire and replace them with questions that build rapport and help you gain a deeper understanding of the other person. Avoid the everyday traps that most of us don't even realize we are making.

Learn what to listen for as people answer your questions and how to keep the conversation focused on the important issues.

Develop better questioning skills and you'll be amazed at the impact it has and the positive responses you get.